SEO Tips For Beginner from Charles Philip Granere

In this article Charles Philip Granere give you some tips on basic SEO

Google AdWords
You must to know about Google AdWords Tool like how many searches per month are occurring, and what the strength of the competition is for your keywords. Use those keywords which have more than 40,000 searches in a month with low to medium competition.

To improve your keyword ranking in search engine, consider repeating the primary keywords for all your web pages, in all of the page titles. Philip Granere give you a example, if you are a Fitness coach, you should five title your pages like “Fitness Form,” “Fitness Therapy,” “Fitness Tips,” “Fitness Groups” or something similar. Repeating your primary keyword, indicates to search engines that this keyword is very important.

Which content sharing websites are good for you

In Charles Philip Graneres view use the keyword phrase in the title of the website in format. That means that the title will be headline and will be in large print. Use a key word phrase in the content in the first paragraph once, and in the second paragraph once, and once in the last paragraph.

There are number of web site available for your content wich can diliver good result for your webite, but every website not for you choose each content sharing website wisely, Charles Philip Granere tell you some key factor which are the best website for you.

Domain Authority
Post your content only in those website’s which have at least 30+ Domen Authority those website are having good credibility in search engines point of view. You can check Domen Authority of any website with help of Domain Authority checker

Pag rank
Page rank is a another good factor use only those website which have good page rank you can check page rak of any website or webpage with the help of

“One of the great SEO tips on optimizing website projects is to create backlinks from authority blogs back to your website with encourages Google to know that your site is important. You can post in a blog that has a page rank higher than yours and leave a link in your post.”

Charles Philip Graneres qoute

Alt Tag
“Picture worth thousands of word” but search engiene doesn’t recognise any picture from your source without having a proper alt tag. thats why you must put alt tag in every image you post online. Just write alt=”your keyword” in your image tag.

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SEO Tips For Beginner from Charles Philip Granere