Charles phillip granere’s advice on healthy diet

healthy dietGeneraly, all doctors recommend low-protein, low-salt-free diet for people with chronic renal failure. But few people know why, they just know that they should avoid high protein foods, every people with this disease can not get enough of nutritions. Next let us take a look CKD why people should keep a low protein diet? Are there ways to solve the problem of providing sufficient nutritions without hurting the kidneys?

Charles phillip granere – CKD why people should keep a low protein diet?

This is because, people with deficiency have difficulty excreting wasts provided by protein. Thus, the suction volume of the protein should equal the volume of excrement, so as to increase the workload of the kidney.

Phillip granere – The means to provide enough protein for our body without injured kidneys

To solve this problem, people with this condition should control the consumption of foods such as tofu and other bean products. Instead, you can eat foods such as milk, egg white, lean meat, fish (freshwater fish rather than deep-see fish) and so on to provide enough protein for your body . Especially the milk that is rich in many kinds of nutritions and is easy to absorb.

From the above, we know that protein is necessary for people especially for the patient, but as a patient with chronic kidney disease you should pay attention to the foods you choose.

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Charles phillip granere’s advice on healthy diet