SEO Tips For Beginner from Charles Philip Granere

In this article Charles Philip Granere give you some tips on basic SEO

Google AdWords
You must to know about Google AdWords Tool like how many searches per month are occurring, and what the strength of the competition is for your keywords. Use those keywords which have more than 40,000 searches in a month with low to medium competition.

To improve your keyword ranking in search engine, consider repeating the primary keywords for all your web pages, in all of the page titles. Philip Granere give you a example, if you are a Fitness coach, you should five title your pages like “Fitness Form,” “Fitness Therapy,” “Fitness Tips,” “Fitness Groups” or something similar. Repeating your primary keyword, indicates to search engines that this keyword is very important.

Which content sharing websites are good for you

In Charles Philip Graneres view use the keyword phrase in the title of the website in format. That means that the title will be headline and will be in large print. Use a key word phrase in the content in the first paragraph once, and in the second paragraph once, and once in the last paragraph.

There are number of web site available for your content wich can diliver good result for your webite, but every website not for you choose each content sharing website wisely, Charles Philip Granere tell you some key factor which are the best website for you.

Domain Authority
Post your content only in those website’s which have at least 30+ Domen Authority those website are having good credibility in search engines point of view. You can check Domen Authority of any website with help of Domain Authority checker

Pag rank
Page rank is a another good factor use only those website which have good page rank you can check page rak of any website or webpage with the help of

“One of the great SEO tips on optimizing website projects is to create backlinks from authority blogs back to your website with encourages Google to know that your site is important. You can post in a blog that has a page rank higher than yours and leave a link in your post.”

Charles Philip Graneres qoute

Alt Tag
“Picture worth thousands of word” but search engiene doesn’t recognise any picture from your source without having a proper alt tag. thats why you must put alt tag in every image you post online. Just write alt=”your keyword” in your image tag.

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SEO Tips For Beginner from Charles Philip Granere

Phil Granere – India is new power house of social networking website

Social Networking WebsiteIndia going to new head in terms of population of the world will be in 2050, but by 2016 the very first Facebook users in case it would become the most populous nation.

E-marketers said in its research report that by 2016, India’s largest population will be on Facebook. Social Networks India has the highest rate of growth this year, which then increased to 37.4 per cent will be. According to a new research, on social networks Facebook and Twitter growth rate of 37 per cent of Indians.

Social network users, while the growth rate of 28.7 per cent in Indonesia and Mexico will reach 21.1 per cent. The biggest social network Facebook are growing fastest in all three countries and their global monthly users this year to reach the level of one billion is estimated.

Currently, the US is the largest country in terms of Facebook users on Facebook and this year is the 14.68 million population. India is the second largest after the US. Recently, Facebook announced that the growing Internet penetration and a large youth population has helped it expand its user base in India to 112 million — which is the largest after the US.

India will surpass the US to lead the global tally of the largest Facebook user base on mobile by 2017, it had forecast

E-marketers believe that their large populations and high growth rates in India by 2016, Facebook will become the world’s most populous nation. Currently, the most populous country because Facebook is banned in China.

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Phil Granere – India is new power house of social networking website

Phil Granere on iPad Air and iPad Mini

indexLatest “iPad Air” was launched with the iPad Mini is less weight, but its price is lower than the display size. IPad Air is priced starting at $ 499, the iPad Mini, which is slightly higher, but the display size is equal to the iPad. It cost a little more than the old iPad mini will have experience of display size, the less weight.

When Apple launched the iPad Mini last year, the original iPad hands suddenly seemed heavy. IPad Mini is cheaper in price than the original iPad with easily fit in pockets and bags were also popular and this feature and made it. Although pockets of customers affected by the heavy price.

It is 28 percent lighter in weight than Apple’s original iPad its weight is just one pound, or 28 percent lighter than the original iPad. The soon to be launched with only a quarter pound heavier than the iPad Mini. In addition to reducing the weight of its design, the company also edges of the frame size is reduced, thereby taking up the iPad Air feels less wide. IPad Air is priced starting at $ 499. And its cellular version will cost $ 130 more.

IPad 9.7-inch screen of the iPad Air is intact. However, to keep it light and slim company The front glass, touch sensors, displays, batteries and Alumimian also reduced the thickness of the back. Yet it has many features and advanced technology. Air in a 7-processing chip, which is also used in the iPhone 5S. The iPad is twice faster. The M-7 processor, better battery life, more data handling capacity of the two Wi-Fi antennas, faster downloads, back side and top microphone, noise, place the audio recording of the better quality, better sound balance as strengths. Cellular version of the iPad Air Universal model that could be used anywhere in the world, which have 4G frequency bands.

While many companies in the market for iPad challenging products. Microsoft recently introduced a new version of the Surface tablets, which cost starts at $ 449. The full size of the Amazon Kindle Fire iPad Air Acdiaks also low weight and low price ($ 379) is scheduled. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 it is challenging, the price is $ 400.

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Phil Granere on iPad Air and iPad Mini

Ten of the smallest cities from Russia In Phillip Granere Opinion

Charles Phillip GranereWhen Philip Garner were Russian he had witnessed and still the list is probably right. Most of these cities were a long time ago, but for various reasons were quite small. By comparison, the legendary capital of the world looks Bobruisk. These places there is no scale to measure personal assessment of the Charles Phillip Granere Yet this is not the settlements, but very real Russian cities. Even in the smallest of them less than a thousand inhabitants.


Three years ago, the district authorities have been brought together to change the status of the city and make it a village, but the initiative has met with strong protests of local residents.


The city was founded in 1638 as a Cossack winter quarters in Verkhoyansk ulus of Yakutia. Officially recognized as the coolest city in Russia: the temperature of -67,8 ° C was recorded here in February 1892. In the XIX century in Verkhoyansk sent political exiles.


City in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region. The first mention of it relates to 1532. Prior to 1940, the Finnish city in the spring of 1940 is included in the USSR.


Settlement on Iturup Island in the mouth of the river on the banks of the Kuril Kurilka Bay Sea of Okhotsk was founded at the end of the XVIII century Russian explorers. In 1800, the island was occupied by Japanese troops, and the settlement called Xiang. In 1945, the town became part of the Soviet Union and two years later was renamed.


City 380 km from Krasnoyarsk was not always so small – in the late 50s lived here more than 13 thousand people. The nearest train station – 12 km. Artemovsk basis of the economy – mining of gold, silver and copper.


City in what is now the Kaliningrad region was founded in 1268 as the city Fischhausen. The castle Fischhausen in 1618 died imbecile Duke Albert Frederick. After the war, the town became part of the Soviet Union and was renamed.


The town in the north of the Ivanovo region. The exact date of the founding Pl?sskoy fortress, which was destroyed in February 1238 during the invasion of Batu, is unknown. Ples was once famous for fish, which was delivered to the king’s table, and was one of the major ports on the Volga. Built in 1871, the railroad bypassed the city party and Ples gradually emptied.


Located sixty kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod. Once there was a village, which was called by the name of who owned her Prince Alexander Borisovich Hunchback-Shumsky, the bravest magistrates Ivan the Terrible. The city became in 1779.


Located on the coast of the Barents Sea, 360 kilometers from Murmansk. In 90 years the population of the Island fell eight times: people abandoned apartments, fleeing closer to civilization. No car, no rail link to the city is not, and you can only get here by ship from Murmansk.


One of the youngest cities of Russia was founded in 1982 as a settlement of oil in the Tomsk region. To get from Cedar Tomsk can be winter, driving up the road Yarovoye – Tomsk by winter road about 150 kilometers, or by helicopter. The article by Philip Granere how you felt that you can give your valuable consideration

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Ten of the smallest cities from Russia In Phillip Granere Opinion

Come Here to Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s

If winter brings cold with lot’s been Titurti but brings springtime holidays in the month of December. Given the winter holidays most schools and colleges are. Many offices also on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s holidays are some days. If you do not have too many holidays is only 2-3 so what do you plan to stay in the cold lying in bed or somewhere you thought of? If you want to go in the snowy mountains

In winter if you want to enjoy even more cold and snow in front of your eyes want to see if there be any hilly terrain.

Charles Phillip Granere sight look  Kashmir

Freezing rain, covered with white sheets around tall mountains and beautiful views, it’s all you’ll find in valleys of Kashmir. Along with the newly married couple, you’re going to hang out with your family, then K is a great place.

My sight look Kullu Manali
In a film like going there, you would see beautiful mountains, then what better place than these holidays Kullu-Manali be, Manali completed by December, half of which is covered in snow. Take the thinking, the view is not worth leaving.
My sight look Shimla

Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, Shimla is famous for its beauty and beautiful valleys. Sky-high mountains, Hsin Vadio and scandalous tea in hand you are bound to feel like you want to go to Shimla.

My sight look Dharamsala and McLeodganj

You handsome market, want to enjoy the mountains and cold winds Titurti Dharamsala and McLeodganj is best for you. It is not only the place to go with family is good, but you’re going with friends, it is just different.

If you want to ‘Adventure’ fun With Charles Philip Granere Point of You

Whenever free time in your busy life to get people so they prefer to go to places where enthusiasm, passion and emotion-packed game play adventure namely;

Charles Granere Point of You Ladakh

If you want to experience real fear of Ladakh is no better place. The sharp cold and high mountains in Ladakh trekking and Sky diving is fun.
Charles Granere Point of You Corbett National Park
If you enjoy watching the huge and dangerous animals from Nainital Corbett National Park must already be a few kilometers. The dreaded tiger and other wild animals you will get a closer view.
My Point of You Auli

Situated in the northern part of India Uttarakhand Auli sports like sky diving is famous for. The weather in the mountain snow and the place looks beautiful.

My Point of You Goa

If you want to enjoy the adventure associated with water to Goa and make plans as soon as possible. Water sports and over Christmas and New Year Eve celebration and the place is filled with joy to your pleasure is doubled.

My Point of You Rajasthan 

Sand dunes of Rajasthan leaves an imprint on the culture by visiting the state where you will be uncomfortable. You see the historic Minar in Rajasthan as well as numerous shops can be.

My Point of You Delhi

The heart of India, Delhi and its history is full of food delicious cuisine. The Red Fort, Old Fort, Qutub Minar, and after looking at the other historical sites in Old Delhi can enjoy delicious royal dishes.

My Point of You Kerala

In the evening, around the middle of greenery and the river sitting in file name in Kerala is the real joy of seeing the sun. Kerala is the only Indian state where you look at any turn, you’ll see lush greenery as much to the heart is relaxed.

Charles Phillip Granere Point of You Andaman

Lovely weather and beautiful views of the sea in front of the eyes, it’s all in Andaman. A picnic spot is best for you and your family.
Come Here to Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s

Carrer In Travel Photographer By Charles Phillip Granere

In an age of Selfi photographs and fond of whom will not be photographed! The work is more than hobby for you, it can be a career-best option.

There are many opportunities in the travel photography, which you are welcome to the world of action-packed this career, needs just of Passion. Here it is important to note that the work of a photographer and travel photographer significantly vary. Such as a travel photographer, culture, customs and history of the new angle of view should be understanding.

Travel to new places to experience the beauty and unsurpassed pictures off of any person can become a successful travel photographer. Fashion, wildlife, nature, portrait, film, product, Editorial, glamour and micro photography, including specialization in the field are available.

A professional travel photographer has to move abroad for work. So it should come himself to adjust to every situation. Moreover, knowledge of different languages and cultures makes the work easier. Stroller be just a trend does not guarantee success in the region. You must also have the patience for it.

Create your own identity must also be creative, so you can take shots from the crowd in a Different Angle. Sometimes quite Tektite full schedule of travel photographer, so it must have stamina and patience. Additionally you should have good communication skills so that you can explain to the people, and to take photographs of the Perfect Shot.

Photography is entirely based on creativity work. Since photography is a passion. However, students who wish a career in this field since the 12th certificate and diploma courses can be a good institution. Good training and guidance lights, frames and angles to get the right information, which is necessary for a career.

Charles Phillip Granere
Understanding and passion of photography, then there is no shortage of work for a travel photographer. You can shoot photos for design or advertising company. If you have a high-profile campaign photographed is used, you can earn thousands of rupees thanks to a photo.

However, there seems little time to achieve success, but then does not see you ever look back. Additionally you Books, magazines, newspapers, calendars, cards and can work for many different websites. If you like photography, its expertise in a particular field can achieve.

There is no definite earning a travel photographer. You receive depends on your income work. If you work for a travel magazine or website, you can initially earn 10-15 thousand rupees monthly. With growing experience also increases your salary. If you are freelancing photo, then income and opportunities also exist.

New York, Washington, Xavier Institute , taxes University, Alaska related courses are offered.

Carrer In Travel Photographer By Charles Phillip Granere

Ferrari is Not a Car, it’s a Way of Enjoyment – Charles Phillip Granere

There is a race to get ahead in this world, and my little one motto had to do something so that I isolate myself in the crowd and overtake logically and stood by me in my February ahead of all the go out of my lenders 400 BHP of V8 Ferrari power on the UK’s only Formula 1 track – that’ll make the hair on your arms stand up, and stay up. Even with your helmet on, the noise of the F430 Coupe will fix a smile on your face as you paddle through the gears, screaming out of Silverstone’s famous corners. Slip behind the wheel of one of the world’s great cars for 2 sessions of unfettered motoring joy. There’s a debrief at the end of the day – and a professional assessment of your driving skills so you know what to work on when you come back… And you will want to come back. “Ferrari is not a cars but its my dream”- Charles Phillip GranereI love my Ferrari. The best car I have ever driven and owned. The smile this car puts on my face every time I drive it is priceless. Everything I spend on her I consider money well spent. Just like the money I spend for my wife and son = worth every penny. “My life is a part of my Ferrari”- Charles Granere

What makes a Ferrari a Ferrari is so much more than simply a go-fast engine and a logo imprinted with a startled horse. The Ferrari sported an aluminum space-frame chassis, adjustable aluminum double-wishbone suspension and a sleek body by Pininfarina constructed of — you guessed it — aluminum, which resulted in super-low weight for ideal performance and handling. Of course, the latter was also made possible by a wide-track body and suspension that reduced body roll to a theoretical concept, while the steering stayed Ginsu knife-sharp right up to triple-digit speeds. (The 400 BHP maxed out at 175 mph.) But again, if you need us to tell you the Ferrari is a blast to drive, perhaps enrolling in Exotic Cars 101 is in order. Unlike some past Ferraris, the 400 BHP had an interior worthy of the car’s price tag. Supple leather, high-quality materials and straightforward ergonomics struck an excellent balance between luxury and driving-focused simplicity. The snug seats offered plenty of lateral support, with a comfortable reach to the divine steering wheel. Besides contributing to superb road-holding, the Ferrari’s wide body also provided lots of elbow room and enough space for a set of golf clubs behind the two seats. And really, what’s the point of a country club if you can’t show off your Ferrari? One of the rare downsides to the 360 was rear visibility — particularly in the Spider convertible with its high rear deck, thick roll hoops and plastic rear window.

On the road, the Ferrari  Scaglietti quickly showed that it deserved to wear the prancing horse badge. The Ferrari’s communicative steering was in a class of its own among luxurious GTs, and handling pleased all but the most demanding drivers (who probably already had a two-seat Ferrari in their garage anyway). The sweet V12 was as melodious as it was capable. The Ferrari’s F1 transmission produced truly impressive shift response. but it was jerky at slow speeds and prone to smoking its clutch when starting on hills. so let’s enjoy my dear friend with own Ferrari “I will always forward until I have my Ferrari”-Charles Philip Granere“I’ve always loved Ferraris for their beauty and power, but one that really caught my attention was the Ferrari. I hope to test drive one someday. The closest I’ve ever come to driving the Ferrari  is in the game Need For Speed by Electronic Arts. This is one of the best racing games I have ever played.

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Phi Granere currently works as a Senior Information Security Officer. Phil Granere is originally from Sandy, Utah. He attended the University of Denver where he graduated with a degree in information technology in 2001. Since then, Phillip Granere has worked for several high ranking IT firms, including, ubleClick, Streamline Internet Solutions and Utah Internet.

Ferrari is Not a Car, it’s a Way of Enjoyment – Charles Phillip Granere