Charles Phillip Granere – Frequently Asked Questions by parents

child need supplementsQ1. Why does my child need supplements?

Charles Phillip Granere . Child needs supplementation to fill the nutritional gap existing in his diet because children are small but their nutritional needs are BIG. Since they are in the growth and development phase, they need nutrition in adequate quantities, moreover

• Children are fussy eaters • Changing Lifestyle of both parents and child
• Availability of convenient, tasty, fast foods
• Quality of food available is doubtful, may be contaminated with pesticides, insecticides etc.
• Methods of cooking drains the nutrients from the food (boiling, frying) This leads to nutritional gaps in the child’s diet and hence the child needs to fill this with supplementation.

Q2. There are so many different vitamins and minerals, which one is important for my child?

Phillip Granere : Remember, children are small, but their nutritional needs are BIG. It is important that children have nutritious food enriched with fruits, vegetables, milk, egg, fish, etc. as they are excellent, natural sources of different types of essential nutrients. However, inspite of your efforts to give your child a healthy and nutritious diet, gaps do exist as mentioned above. In addition to that, the requirement for certain vitamins & minerals are high, such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Phytonutrients, which are not fulfilled entirely by food or with just a multivitamin/mineral supplement. Therefore, to fill the daily requirement for these nutrients, your child needs different vitamins and minerals. For e.g., if your child does not drink milk (which is an excellent source of Calcium, needed for strong bones and teeth), Calcium supplementation is needed. It is advisable to have 5+ servings of fruits & vegetables of varied colours every day. Does our child take that? If not, then supplementation with concentrated fruits & vegetables is necessary.

Q3. Why does my child need single vitamin/mineral supplement along with a multivitamins/minerals supplement?

Charles Granere : A single multivitamin, multimineral supplement gives most of the vitamins and minerals in certain quantities but not for all the nutrients in the desired quantity. Such as for Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C. Children need much higher quantities for these single vitamin and mineral and that can only be supplemented by these individual specific supplements. Hence along with a multivitamin, multimineral supplement you also need to give children single nutrient supplements for the right balance and for an optimal health of your child.

Q4. Is supplementation safe for kids?

Phil Granere : Supplements from reputed companies manufactured under GMP with experience and expertise in nutrition are safe.

Q5. How old should my child be before I start giving him anything?

Charles Phillip Granere : Nutrilite Kids Chewable Range is recommended for children above 4 years of age. Nutrilite Kids Drink is recommended for children of 2 years & above.

Q6. If my child has diabetes or any other medical condition, can he take these supplements?

Charles Granere : If your child has any ailments like juvenile diabetes or any such serious ailments, it is better to consult the child’s / family doctor before administering any supplements.

Q7. Does my child need to see a doctor before I give him any of these products?

Phillip Granere : These are food supplements, hence no need to consult a doctor. However, if the child is having any ailments or is under some kind of medication, it is better to consult the doctor before giving supplements.

Q8. How to help my child take so many supplement tablets in a day?

Phil Granere : It is advisable to spread the supplementation regimen through the day along with meals such as breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

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Charles Phillip Granere – Frequently Asked Questions by parents

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