Come Here to Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s

If winter brings cold with lot’s been Titurti but brings springtime holidays in the month of December. Given the winter holidays most schools and colleges are. Many offices also on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s holidays are some days. If you do not have too many holidays is only 2-3 so what do you plan to stay in the cold lying in bed or somewhere you thought of? If you want to go in the snowy mountains

In winter if you want to enjoy even more cold and snow in front of your eyes want to see if there be any hilly terrain.

Charles Phillip Granere sight look  Kashmir

Freezing rain, covered with white sheets around tall mountains and beautiful views, it’s all you’ll find in valleys of Kashmir. Along with the newly married couple, you’re going to hang out with your family, then K is a great place.

My sight look Kullu Manali
In a film like going there, you would see beautiful mountains, then what better place than these holidays Kullu-Manali be, Manali completed by December, half of which is covered in snow. Take the thinking, the view is not worth leaving.
My sight look Shimla

Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, Shimla is famous for its beauty and beautiful valleys. Sky-high mountains, Hsin Vadio and scandalous tea in hand you are bound to feel like you want to go to Shimla.

My sight look Dharamsala and McLeodganj

You handsome market, want to enjoy the mountains and cold winds Titurti Dharamsala and McLeodganj is best for you. It is not only the place to go with family is good, but you’re going with friends, it is just different.

If you want to ‘Adventure’ fun With Charles Philip Granere Point of You

Whenever free time in your busy life to get people so they prefer to go to places where enthusiasm, passion and emotion-packed game play adventure namely;

Charles Granere Point of You Ladakh

If you want to experience real fear of Ladakh is no better place. The sharp cold and high mountains in Ladakh trekking and Sky diving is fun.
Charles Granere Point of You Corbett National Park
If you enjoy watching the huge and dangerous animals from Nainital Corbett National Park must already be a few kilometers. The dreaded tiger and other wild animals you will get a closer view.
My Point of You Auli

Situated in the northern part of India Uttarakhand Auli sports like sky diving is famous for. The weather in the mountain snow and the place looks beautiful.

My Point of You Goa

If you want to enjoy the adventure associated with water to Goa and make plans as soon as possible. Water sports and over Christmas and New Year Eve celebration and the place is filled with joy to your pleasure is doubled.

My Point of You Rajasthan 

Sand dunes of Rajasthan leaves an imprint on the culture by visiting the state where you will be uncomfortable. You see the historic Minar in Rajasthan as well as numerous shops can be.

My Point of You Delhi

The heart of India, Delhi and its history is full of food delicious cuisine. The Red Fort, Old Fort, Qutub Minar, and after looking at the other historical sites in Old Delhi can enjoy delicious royal dishes.

My Point of You Kerala

In the evening, around the middle of greenery and the river sitting in file name in Kerala is the real joy of seeing the sun. Kerala is the only Indian state where you look at any turn, you’ll see lush greenery as much to the heart is relaxed.

Charles Phillip Granere Point of You Andaman

Lovely weather and beautiful views of the sea in front of the eyes, it’s all in Andaman. A picnic spot is best for you and your family.
Come Here to Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s

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