Ferrari is Not a Car, it’s a Way of Enjoyment – Charles Phillip Granere

There is a race to get ahead in this world, and my little one motto had to do something so that I isolate myself in the crowd and overtake logically and stood by me in my February ahead of all the go out of my lenders 400 BHP of V8 Ferrari power on the UK’s only Formula 1 track – that’ll make the hair on your arms stand up, and stay up. Even with your helmet on, the noise of the F430 Coupe will fix a smile on your face as you paddle through the gears, screaming out of Silverstone’s famous corners. Slip behind the wheel of one of the world’s great cars for 2 sessions of unfettered motoring joy. There’s a debrief at the end of the day – and a professional assessment of your driving skills so you know what to work on when you come back… And you will want to come back. “Ferrari is not a cars but its my dream”- Charles Phillip GranereI love my Ferrari. The best car I have ever driven and owned. The smile this car puts on my face every time I drive it is priceless. Everything I spend on her I consider money well spent. Just like the money I spend for my wife and son = worth every penny. “My life is a part of my Ferrari”- Charles Granere

What makes a Ferrari a Ferrari is so much more than simply a go-fast engine and a logo imprinted with a startled horse. The Ferrari sported an aluminum space-frame chassis, adjustable aluminum double-wishbone suspension and a sleek body by Pininfarina constructed of — you guessed it — aluminum, which resulted in super-low weight for ideal performance and handling. Of course, the latter was also made possible by a wide-track body and suspension that reduced body roll to a theoretical concept, while the steering stayed Ginsu knife-sharp right up to triple-digit speeds. (The 400 BHP maxed out at 175 mph.) But again, if you need us to tell you the Ferrari is a blast to drive, perhaps enrolling in Exotic Cars 101 is in order. Unlike some past Ferraris, the 400 BHP had an interior worthy of the car’s price tag. Supple leather, high-quality materials and straightforward ergonomics struck an excellent balance between luxury and driving-focused simplicity. The snug seats offered plenty of lateral support, with a comfortable reach to the divine steering wheel. Besides contributing to superb road-holding, the Ferrari’s wide body also provided lots of elbow room and enough space for a set of golf clubs behind the two seats. And really, what’s the point of a country club if you can’t show off your Ferrari? One of the rare downsides to the 360 was rear visibility — particularly in the Spider convertible with its high rear deck, thick roll hoops and plastic rear window.

On the road, the Ferrari  Scaglietti quickly showed that it deserved to wear the prancing horse badge. The Ferrari’s communicative steering was in a class of its own among luxurious GTs, and handling pleased all but the most demanding drivers (who probably already had a two-seat Ferrari in their garage anyway). The sweet V12 was as melodious as it was capable. The Ferrari’s F1 transmission produced truly impressive shift response. but it was jerky at slow speeds and prone to smoking its clutch when starting on hills. so let’s enjoy my dear friend with own Ferrari “I will always forward until I have my Ferrari”-Charles Philip Granere“I’ve always loved Ferraris for their beauty and power, but one that really caught my attention was the Ferrari. I hope to test drive one someday. The closest I’ve ever come to driving the Ferrari  is in the game Need For Speed by Electronic Arts. This is one of the best racing games I have ever played.

More About Charles Philip Granere
Phi Granere currently works as a Senior Information Security Officer. Phil Granere is originally from Sandy, Utah. He attended the University of Denver where he graduated with a degree in information technology in 2001. Since then, Phillip Granere has worked for several high ranking IT firms, including, ubleClick, Streamline Internet Solutions and Utah Internet.

Ferrari is Not a Car, it’s a Way of Enjoyment – Charles Phillip Granere

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