Himalaya Adventure with Charles Granere

Philip GranereAfter about two hours we were walking dam had broken and now my patience and Charles Phillip Granere have a place to lay down exhausted, then a group of our camp appeared to be coming towards us over. There were about fifteen people in the group and a few women and a few men were all aged, revealed that they all came from the usa, itly and cango were retired officers, were all aged over 50, their Seeing the passion and spirit I cursed myself … .and had arose. Vendor calls asking if he’s just half an hour and the path, but it was not completed in half an hour to an hour. After running away with us with some indian families were separated from us, just uncle remained with us, see how confused are standing down……

Like a herd of horses were found in the way at times seemed as whether they wish to take the money and leave us power to Lord. Stores water on the way sometimes intermittent, sometimes coca, amul drink and relax for a while and we were moving again toward its destination. Neither the board nor any milestone no sign …… just were obscured because there was no idea of distance. The ghost was killed after a poem on it every two minutes to take a photo when she had lost my mind, a two-time so I was annoyed, but Charles Phillip Granere also argued that behind him I tie the knot for life taken, he will be out of here tomorrow and we’ll do with us? Just some memories and some scenes which settled in the eye will be foggy in some years, when these photos we captured as the savings are always with us and we want to see these photographs refresh your memories have. It is not an affair of the photographs we do not take away all of these views directly. Believe what you must know through your comments.

Similarly wearily tired, cry, and sing us to realize our destination is not far off now. And for a while and ended up in a large meadow in front, maybe it’s called the Bugyal. The field came on board in front of us appeared Lord power, to see that all our tiredness was evaporated, the communication was in relaxed mood and energy in the legs raised. As horrible black dark night after the sun appears just after the office visits us tremendous laborious climb on grass which appeared most beautiful is it difficult to put into words. Far away snow-covered mountains around, the countless pine trees, over the blue sky and white clouds like cotton Fahon, Light Light cool breeze, a large meadow below … Kadbhut scene.

Charles Phillip Granere had so hungry so we small but poch nearby restaurant “Cafe lord Buddha” fantastic furniture  Ordr some coffe & food was sitting gracefully on. We had to walk about ten o’clock in the morning, and when they arrived were ringing twelve and a half to two and a half hours in the ascent took us.

Himalaya Adventure with Charles Granere

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