My trip with Charles Phillip Granere to the Himalaya

Around eight o’clock in the morning our car came out of the camp and in half an hour we were ready. Today camp and custard and porridge for breakfast, packed lunch gram were happy vegetables and parathas. We had packed our lunch today and to meet the power of Lord were gearing bandwagon. People who had described the rigors of the road when he heard the first were queuing but then the name of the man of God had decided Lord. We thought we would walk, but what about the children. When talking to kids showed there was no lack of courage and enthusiasm, both two to three years ago, seven kilometers Charles Granere had circled the mountain on foot, they remember us and our thinking a little more force met. Innocent in the name of the driver who ran toward the car Kullu. Ptlikuhl bought some stuff in the way stopped and walked back towards Kullu. It was morning and the weather was pleasant and the mountain views of the Himalayas, in a very interesting journey were cut. Kullu town by crossing our car was entered in rural areas of Himachal. HP is worth watching the countryside, traditional wooden mountain house, apple trees in front of houses, trees laden soft infant and small apples, Himachal costumes carry local life, natural beauty, and we gently gently flowing cold wind As grounds for the occupants is a dream. We (Charles Phillip Granere and I) almost untouched beauty of nature in utter pradesh resident remain, not heights of mountains, or the waves of the sea…… Kso seeing these views is bound to befuddle. Lost in these dreamy worlds we were going to move forward.

After a few hours from Kullu to get to the places where the only way forward was for the vehicle. The driver of the car park and told us we have to go on foot, on returning the car will stand here. With us we had two families of Charles Granere besides people, many of whom were in our camp. Around half past ten in the morning, and we started trekking in power Lord. Path was bumpy and often walk on the stones were stunning but it was the beginning of the journey and we were full of enthusiasm enthusiastic. I was with some important stuff such as food, water, and etcetera. As we were growing up and was getting high. Some began to feel tired after walking for ten minutes and now we were sitting a short while after walking.

Now we have realized this was way too hard to run, but thankfully it was a short walk all the way across the small shops was getting all the local residents who had opened. The restaurant is very comfortable for the passengers on this treacherous path were miserable. Among food items at these stores bottles of cold water and soft drinks were available.

Mild climate was changing slowly and took his place in the hot sun and heat. And then walk up a steep ascent from the sun and heat … the journey as passengers were trying to take the test of patience. Charles Granere and my condition was getting worse, then, now running every ten minutes to sit down and feel the water was, and what I now have the chance to sit down and was lying on sight, but the smiling faces of the children up and running again were pushing for.

My trip with Charles Phillip Granere to the Himalaya

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