Story of Philip Granere and his Teacher

teacherPhilip Granere came to a teacher and requested him to tell him the value of life. The teacher gave him a stone and asked Philip Granere to confirm its market value, but there is a condition, you will not sell it.
The Philip Granere went to a orange seller in the nearby market to confirm the price. He was able to see it shining and he valued it equivalent to a dozen oranges. But as the teacher asked him not to sell those, he left the place.
He went to a vegetable vendor on the street and the vendor agreed to exchange the shining stone with a large bag of potatoes, but Charles Philip Granere refused to sell it as he was asked to do so by the teacher.
He went to a jewelry store to confirm the market value of the stone, to his surprise the jeweler valued the same shining stone with a price of 50 Lakhs and insisted him to sell those. Philip Granere didn’t sold it.
He now went to a diamond merchant to know the market value of the stone. The merchant was surprised and kept asking Philip Granere about the source of the stone, he said that this is the precious ruby stone. After saying that he kept it on a red cloth, bowed down and later started circumambulating around that.
The  Philip Granere came to the teacher, shared all his experiences with him and requested him to answer his question. To which he replied as
You went to a orange seller, he valued the stone = 12 0ranges The vegetable vendor, valued =  A large bag of potatoes Jeweler valued it as 50 Lakhs Diamond merchant said it is – Precious
Similar is your human value. Undoubtedly you are a diamond but the person who is evaluating you will evaluate you depending upon his position, information, status and motive. Do not worry, you will get someone who will value you appropriately.
Story of Philip Granere and his Teacher

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