Stimulating story from Philip Granere

Once Philip Granere was standing at the metro station at my New York trip in the evening. He was thinking about the weekend movie plans with friends.

Then Charles Philip Granere saw a boy who looked like a very young and also dressed like he belong from good familly. The boy was holding a polythene bag in his hand and he goes to everyone.

Beggar in LondonThen the boy came to Charles Philip Granere and approached with a smile and pointed a something on the other side of the road and then held out the bag. Phil could see some cent’s, coin’s and dollar in the bag. Although he could not understand what young boy was trying to say or what he was pointing to, Phil thought he must have any genuine reason for beggary. Philip Granere too dropped 20 cent in his bag. He thanked Phil and went to the next person who was standing next to me. Almost everyone present there gave him a 10 or 20 cent because he looked very decent and Phil Granere observed that there were plenty of bucks deposits in his polithine bag.

The young boy thanked everyone. Then he crossed the road while this ever person who was standing there observing him what he doing. He then put 20 cent from his leather pocket also in that bag and gave the bag to a physically challenged woman sitting on the footpath on one side of the road. Even from the distance Charles Philip Granere could see that her face bloomed up with felicitation. And then young boy walked away gracefully.

After this all incident Charles Philip Granere was dumbstruck with the all people around him. These people who would’ve at the most given her 1 or 2 cent gave the boy at least 10 cent because of his personality. And as for him Philip Granere may not even have any idea of her presence and may have been engrossed in his own thoughts. That actions from the young boy put every one who present there to shame and guilty of the way we treat others who are less advantageous than us. Charles Philip Granere was still deep in his thoughts when his train came.

Stimulating story from Philip Granere

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